Wednesday, March 24, 2010

I got to ask Alex Ross (New Yorker) a question :)

I got to ask Alex Ross (awesome music critic of the New Yorker) a question this afternoon during a live chat! He answered with aplomb.

QUESTION FROM ADRIANA: Alex, I love following your reflections on the cool, new sites of classical music in the 21st century, like Le Poisson Rouge, which I hope to visit someday. Any other cool, game changing venues come to mind in NYC or other cities? What makes them work beyond the traditional concert hall based on your concertgoing experiences?

ALEX ROSS: Le Poisson Rouge is a club space that present classical concerts alongside jazz and other fare. I believe that every city should have a Poisson. I don’t know of a space precisely like it elsewhere, although there’s Revolution Cafe in San Francisco and the Roundhouse in London. I don’t feel that such spaces will displace traditional concert halls, but they provide a much more sympathetic setting for contemporary music as well as for those performers who feel uncomfortable with the strangely ossified rituals of classical music.