Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Just finished/ just ahead.....

Have not posted in a bit, but life has been great fun in the form of singing on the Jacaranda series opening concert featuring Morton Feldman's Rothko Chapel (i.e. lots of very soft, atmospheric singing, and the Knee Plays (choruses) from Glass's Einstein on the Beach. Afterwards was a great party where the inimitable Peter Sellars honored Grant Gershon as one of many supporting new music in Los Angeles. Huzzah!

Next is Verdi Requiem with Maestro Dudamel, and I'm happy to say I got to greet him in person! - on break while I was on the couches he walked by.... "Maestro! Hello!" To which I got the thousand watt smile and "Heeey!" It's funny to observe all of the Dudamel adulation amongst my colleagues, on Facebook, etc., but the fact is he's the real deal. Verdi Requiem would get a big yawn from me (it is often programmed by colleges and community symphonies) - only Dudamel is bringing it, and so it will be spectacular, it will rock! We all couldn't be more excited.

Last, and this is for aficionados and students: a great primer on voice types and the 'big news' about Domingo heading back down to being a baritone! Link