Friday, July 24, 2009

Summer gift: Sharing the stage with Philip Glass!

When you sign on for something, you don't always know how totally cool it will be. This is often the case with me: I tend to invite people at the last minute, or not at all. And then, here I am onstage at the Hollywood Bowl, enveloped by the lush sounds of the LA Phil and my fellow singers, as we recreate a new orchestration of the incredible film soundtrack to Koyaanisquatsi by Philip Glass/ Francis Ford Coppola, with the composer and his ensemble! I have never enjoyed brass so much - it was total sound therapy. Hooray for the guy yelling as though he were at an Aerosmith concert. Hooray for the casino women, who got a big laugh from the Hollywood Bowl audience as I predicted. And best of all, the concert started with the magical Openings, the only piano piece of Glass's I can play, and the piece which Franz put on a mix tape for me back in the days of our courtship... OC Register Slideshow