Monday, March 30, 2009

Fantastic show last night!

All I can say about last night's Folk Song concert is "PHEW!" Between the Karelian set by Tormis, the Bartok Set, and a 20 minute Brahms set just for good measure, it went swimmmingly, and Franz got to come see it, which was great (thanks to our new favorite sitter). And I got a sweet 8 bar solo which went great in the midst of the Poulenc set ("I sigh for you, I do not deny it/ my beautiful 'laboreur,'"...). Now we're into staging for The Birds at LA Opera, part of James Conlon's incredible "Recovered Voices" multi-year project, a presentation of operas by composers who were suppressed by Nazis. This opera is perfect for spring and is somehow timely in the midst of the world's suffering - those in the opera are idealists stumbling toward something better in this lush bird-kingdom. Also about to go into production is Salonen's last concerts with the LA Phil, for which I am singing chorus in Stravinsky's Symphony of Psalms, staged by Peter Sellars. Lots going on at once!
And... finally got by little pencils, my 'card' to beat the recession. (I've never been good at handing out cards, but pencils I can do!) Thanks Starling Diner for the idea! I'll be gearing up for summer studio in Long Beach this summer starting in June, so send interest my way!