Thursday, March 5, 2009

The Cunning Little Vixen, Long Beach Opera

This was quite simply an amazing experience. This past January I took a breather from OCHSA as I was called upon to be four animals for Janacek's forest: a frog, a woodpecker, a chicken, and a fox cub (3 of those pictured here). It is unbelieveable to think this all concluded just six weeks ago. Ken Cazan directed us beautifully, and the reviews were rave all around. I was so proud of this little company that can, and I encourage everyone to check out the rest of their season - they take pride in "more of the different," be it innovative staging, character work, costumes, or pushing the boundaries of the space the opera inhabits - they are known for producing operas in improvised spaces, like parking garages or the Belmont Plaza Pool. I need to see more of these people and hope I get to work with them again!